The summary of the wensdag Storm Brown from the script of Henk de Haan (Make a Wish):

Storm goes sailing on the Waddenzee on a trimaran, but before even going on a command vehicle from the Marnewaard to Lauwersoog. The sail is to Schiermonnikoog, where he and his family will sail to the rescue of the KNRM. Return will be sailed on the trimaran to Lauwersoog, then the limousine to a pizzeria in Groningen brings us, where Storm can make his own pizza.


Storm Brown and family come to

In April, Niels Temple, Commissioner Northern region of the Catamaran and Trimaran Club, approached by Henk de Haan, wisher of Make a Wish. Whether it would be possible with a child of six, bone cancer that has, sailing from Lauwersoog on a trimaran. His wish is to sail on a trimaran. One of his parents must also take on the trimaran and maybe a little brother to a further boat. He himself and a desire counselor would go along. That seemed a viable desire and it seemed especially like this desire with small fleet accompanying multihulls to be carried out.

Appointments are made, two dates, Saturday 25 May and 1 June, are chosen and the crew of the largest available trimaran was prepared to fulfill this wish. A number of other multihulls wanted the other parent and child seat, together created a fleet of three trimarans and catamarans two. A boat of the National Police Agency acts as accompanying ship, from which Henk de Haan can also take pictures. The spring weather was bad, but on Thursday 23 May could be decided at noon that 25 meI would go through. Henk de Haan had already provided a comprehensive roadmap




On 25 May at around 10.15 hours were the 5 multihulls ready in the outer harbor of Lauwersoog, around 10:30 am, two army vehicles and is Storm and his family by Henk de Haan introduced to Niels Temple. That explains briefly what we do; Storm's mother is a bit exciting and asks if that is familiar. Certainly that is the case and decided that the mother and Sem, the brother of Storm and the desire accompanist Trudy Doornbos, to sail on the catamaran Flying Hart and his partner Marcel Evenhuis Annelies and daughter Annika also meevaart. The family makes a latste toileting, attracts ski clothes and doing Lifejackets to.

Storm and his father Dennis are presented to Houkje and Henk Boonstra, skippers of the trimaran Roadrunner. Around 11.10 hours catamarans leave the Stag and Catja, the boat of Peter Temple and Jannie Kamphuis, first from the port, followed by Roadrunner, the trimaran Troika Niels Temple, who sails with sail size Rein Huisman, and the trimaran ADHD and Jenneke Wim de Vries. The KLPD sails between the boats and Henk de Haan is getting wetter while taking pictures. Outside the Zoutkamperlaag turned the wind 5 To be outliers with six Bft NNW; we sail reefed but brisk pace through Hole Schiermonnikoog to the causeway on Schiermonnikoog. The crew of the lifeboat William I KNRM helps to build the windy causeway, where the ebb tide begins now hard to put through. Normally you can not build there, but thanks to the National Police Agency this time may exceptionally be. Make a Wish makes the difference.

The multihull fleet crew gathers on the Roadrunner, drink coffee, eating sandwiches and watching the King William I to come along with Storm and his family. After returning leaves on time according to the script multihulvloot Storm, father Dennis and Henk de Haan aboard the Roadrunner back to Lauwersoog. Obviously, both Storm and father Dennis awhile the helm of the trimaran owned, that works well and is fun. The family is deposited on the outer, the multihull fleet hurries through the lock. We come together in beautiful clubhouse of the Red Hooft Watersportvereniging Lauwerszee. From the hands of CTC Commissioner Niels Storm Temple receives a certificate which he erezeiler has become the CTC state. Because of its control mans art, he also gets a great big cup of Henk de Haan.

Please go the company apart, Storm and family to the city of Groningen, the sailors go about their business with a satisfied feeling about a fun and meaningful day.


Niels Tempel

CTC Commissioner Northern Region

Trimaran Troika